W-18: A Dangerous and Addictive Drug

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W-18: A Dangerous and Addictive Drug

Health officials are growing concerned about the drug W-18, a powerful painkiller medication that is making its way into North America.

The drug was developed in Canada over 30 years ago as an alternative painkiller that was supposedly less addictive than standard medications. However, once it was created, it was never manufactured in Canada. It wasn’t until a Chinese chemist discovered the formula that production began. The drug was then sold as a quick high for drug users.

Since its development, the drug has made its way first in Canada, and then slowly into the United States. The circulation of this drug is very concerning for many reasons. The effects of this drug is unknown because there were no formal tests or trials conducted. It is also undetectable in the bloodstream and therefore a physician would not be able to tell if a patient is overdosing from this specific drug. Finally, it is overall dangerous because of its powerful nature. It is 10,000 more potent than morphine.

There are reports that the drug is making its way up the East Coast into Philadelphia. It is rumored that it is being mixed and sold with heroin and cocaine. Officials are doing what they can to stop this from spreading.