Vaporized Alcohol Bars Emerge

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Vaporized Alcohol Bars Emerge

A pop-up bar company in central London, Alcoholic Architecture, has created a vaporizing alcohol experience set to launch this weekend. The company will set up a pop-up bar in which customers can enter for one hour and inhale vaporized alcohol.

The alcohol is pumped through a humidifier, which then turns it into a vapor that surrounds customers in the bar. The vapor gets absorbed very quickly into the bloodstream through the lungs and eyeballs. Every 40 minutes inhaling the vapor is equivalent to consuming one alcoholic beverage. The company is limiting each person to one hour per day.

Vaporized alcohol is already popular among young adults, who pour alcohol on dry ice in order to vaporize and inhale the alcohol. Although this pop-up bar is occurring in United Kingdom, it may only be a matter of time before the trend travels across the pond to the United States.