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Treatment For Women

This year’s Annual National Recovery Month highlighted that everyone’s pathway to recovery is different and their treatment should be too. Biological and cultural differences between gender means that men and women handle addiction differently and should be treated differently and thus create their own pathways to wellness, this year’s Recovery Month theme. Gender specific treatment and drug specific treatment has taken off in the last several years. In response to the trend, Destination Hope, a nationally recognized substance abuse facility opened a women’s only treatment program, called

Gender-specific treatment is catching on as evidence based research underscores the need to offer clients various pathways to recovery and wellness. Women are more likely to seek treatment of their own accord, whereas men tend to be encouraged by a family member. Women who have children may also have a more difficult time with addiction, because of the social stigma surrounding women and addiction. According to experts, all of these facts underscore the need for specific treatment programs like drug rehab for women or drug rehab for families.

Located in southern New Jersey, in rural Cumberland County, Bridgeton, NJ, the Seabrook Changes for Women program provides a long term rehab opportunity for up to 37 female residents recovering from alcoholism, chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders.

The program provides a minimum 90 day long term rehab program for women in early recovery, however, a 6 – 12 month length of stay is recommended. Length of stay is determined by each resident’s individual progress. The facility features both private and semi-private accommodations in the newly renovated East Hall, as well as two separate cottages. The program is designed to immerse each woman into a 12 step way of life, while providing the basic rehab support of counseling, housing, and recreation.