The Promises

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The Promises

The first time I read the promises, I listened in disbelief and with only a small sliver of hope. As an active alcoholic, the promise for my life went a little something like this; As I succumbed to the disease of my addiction , I became dismayed, wondering when I would be through. Imprisoned and filled with utter hopelessness, the past tightened the noose around my neck. Living in complete and utter chaos, anxiety plagued me to the core. I was on a steady dissent to hell and darkness was all around me. I was of no use to anyone or anything believing that my actions were only hurting myself, unable to see the pain I was causing those around me. Each day I awakened to one pervasive thought. When and how will I get what I need to numb the pain. I lived in constant fear, and the financial ruins I had incurred were soon dismissed with the first sip. I felt alone and abandoned by God.

As I was going through the steps with my sponsor, we approached step nine. It was time to begin making amends. I had sworn I would go to any lengths for victory over alcohol, so I asked my higher power to guide me and began facing my fears of what I had done. In the process of doing the next right thing, and being as thorough as I could be, I began to see a new freedom and a new happiness. I no longer regretted my past because it had taught me to appreciate the little things “normal” people take for granted. I was starting to feel peace at times I would have previously been in turmoil. The road to hell I had been on, gave me the experience and empathy I needed to help other people who were hurting. I began to see that God had a purpose for my life, and every time I reached out my hand to help another alcoholic, the feeling of selfishness and self pity left me. My attitude towards life began to change and I could feel the presence of God directing my life.

You may think these are extravagant promises, but they are happening amongst us, as long as we work for them.