Teen Writer for School Paper Shares About Teen Drug Abuse

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Teen Writer for School Paper Shares About Teen Drug Abuse

Sora Lee a high school student posed the question, are children getting worse or is society pushing them into the bad decisions.

The Center for Prevention and Counseling reported that 48 percent of seniors in high school have admitted to drinking alcohol, and 20 percent have admitted to smoking pot.

The blame is being pushed onto the parents that didn’t guide their children into making the right decisions in life while other say that children do what they want regardless of the guidance of their parents.  The real reason may actually be society’s acceptance of drug and alcohol use.  Almost every show on tv glorifies drinking and drug use.

Although more teens are using drugs and alcohol, there are still many that are resisting the temptation and peer pressure.  Some studies say between 60 and 80% are likely to just say no.


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