Teen Mom Troubles Continue

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Teen Mom Troubles Continue

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evens was recently taken into custody after police were called to her home in Brunswick, N.C. to investigate a reported domestic dispute between Evans and her 27-year-old husband. When police entered the home they found heroin and several other illegal substances and drug paraphernalia in Evans’ possession. She was also charged with multiple counts of assault on Rogers, and was served with a warrant for failure to pay child support for her 3-year-old son Jace.

The MTV reality star has been in and out of rehab and her struggles with addiction have been followed on the show. Her fans have been able to see a real-life example of what happens when you become addicted to drugs. Since the showed aired, fan have seen the young mom lose custody of her child, fail out of school, get arrested multiple times, relapse after rehab attempts and engaged in unhealthy romantic relationships. Perhaps MTV is hoping that young girl will see the downward spiral and continue cycle of addiction, crime and incarceration and make the choice not to start down a similar path. The show was originally created to help teens understand the dangers of unprotected sex, and the difficulties of being a teen mom.

If you or someone you know has a problem with drug addiction or dependence, you should seek help now before tragedy strikes. Mental health professionals are urged to seek treatment and learn how to live a sober life. Detoxification and behavioral therapy have proven to be effective in treating drug dependence. Addicts are often unable to complete treatment on their own or with family members, so it’s very important to seek the right treatment center.

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