Synthetic Drug Risks

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Synthetic Drug Risks

According to the SubstanceĀ Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, more than 28,000 visits to the emergency room in 2011 were due to synthetic drug use. But what are synthetic drugs? Simply put, they are drugs with added substances that are intended to imitate the effects of cocaine, marijuana and other drugs. The two most common types of synthetic drugs are carthinoes and cannabinoids.

Carthinoes typically are marketed as being similar to over the counter medications orĀ  cocaine, while cannabinoids are synthetic marijuana products. There are over 300 different versions of synthetic drugs, all of which are very dangerous. One of the most dangerous things about these drugs is that they are mixed with other substances. The Office of National Drug Control Policy does have laws banning certain chemicals that are used in certain synthetic drugs, but once they get on the streets, other things can be mixed in.

The scary thing about synthetic drugs is that they can be found almost anywhere. You can even buy them over the internet. Of course, they are labeled as dangerous or not for human use, but that doesn’t stop people from ingesting them.

The effects these drugs have on users is also concerning. All drugs do have side effects, but the side effects of synthetic drugs can be extreme. Users tend to become violent and angry, all while losing control of reality. This causes situations like the bath salt epidemic, where a man who ingested bath salts tried to eat someone’s face. Users can also experience lack of oxygen and blood flow, which can cause serious problem.

Always be educated about what types of medications you are taking to avoid taking dangerous substances like synthetic drugs.