Stay Sober Throughout the Holidays

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Stay Sober Throughout the Holidays

The holiday season can be hard for an addict or alcoholic in recovery. It is filled with family gatherings, parties and other social events that all usually involve alcohol. For a recovering alcoholic, these are very tempting places to relapse. An alcoholic may get caught up in the holiday spirit and indulge in one too many egg nogs. But, if you want to stay sober this holiday season, make sure all those egg nogs are alcohol-free. Following these simple tips could make staying sober a bit easier:

  • Don’t stop going to meetings. You may be busier with all your extra social gatherings and holiday shopping to do, but always make time for your recovery. Many people find it helpful to go to a meeting before or after a party that may involve alcohol. This lowers their temptations and keeps them on track.
  • Have your own way out of a party. Always have an escape route ready in case you are feeling like you might relapse. When this feeling occurs, remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible.
  • Keep a non alcoholic drink in your hand. If you already have a drink in your hand, people will be less likely to offer you an alcoholic one. It will also help yield the question of why you are not drinking.
  • Have a response ready to the dreaded question- “Why are you not drinking?”- If a partygoer does ask this question and you are not comfortable telling them you are in recovery, have a response ready. Some easy ones are “I am on medication and cannot drink alcohol,” or “I am the designated driver.”
  • Bring a sober buddy to social events. Having somewhere there to have ‘sober fun’ with will make it more enjoyable. They can also help keep you from drinking.
  • Start new traditions. It’s never too late to start a new holiday tradition with your family or friends. Starting a new sober one can allow you to still have fun around the holidays while staying in recovery.

Most importantly, remember that your recovery comes before anything else. If you don’t feel comfortable attending any holiday events this year, don’t feel pressured to. Do whatever you have to do to stay sober.