Spring into Recovery with a Recovery Garden

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Spring into Recovery with a Recovery Garden

Looking to take up a new hobby? Did you know gardening is a healthy activity that comes with a lot benefits for your recovery? It’s true. Therefore, planting a garden can help with your self-confidence and give you an important sense of purpose. Gardening can distract cravings, negative thoughts and can even replace drug or alcohol use.

Think about it, both recovery and gardening takes practice and patience before seeing results. Each day taking time to properly care for your plant, watering, and adjusting for sunlight. Then you wait and observe any signs that your efforts are working. The same is true for a successful recovery. Everyday involves making small decisions to stay fully committed to sobriety. It is extremely important to be patient with yourself during recovery. The more time you spend waiting for your plants to sprout and grow stronger, the more you will notice patient.

Unsure what to plant? That’s okay because during the month of May Seabrook will be posting gardening tips and benefits of certain plants and flowers for your recovery garden.

Next tip will be about a plant that helps with thephysiological challenges that the body faces as it begins to detox and restore itself.