Sobriety Begins With Spiritual Foundation

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Sobriety Begins With Spiritual Foundation

Many of us seek help when we are at the jumping off point. We can no longer live with alcohol/drugs, or without them. Some of us are fortunate enough to have a moment of clarity, perhaps seen as a glimmer of hope. Having these extreme feelings of hopelessness lead us to getting the help that we so desperately need. What we don’t understand is that we are not only physically sick, but mentally and spiritually as well. If we have a belief in a power greater than ourselves, we are often filled with feelings of anger towards this higher power, or a belief that perhaps there is an all loving being, but it doesn’t care all that much about us. After all, how did we end up where we are today if this being loves us that much? Alcoholics and addicts are master manipulators and we want what we want, when we want it.

If we did pray to a higher power during our addiction, we were not asking for help on His terms, but on ours. Did we not wish to continue in the addiction but have fewer consequences? Or did we not swear off the offending drug just to repeat our addiction later the same day? How can we trust that belief in a power greater than ourselves would restore us to sanity and remove the obsession permanently? These are questions that most of us face when we begin looking for a way to end the vicious cycle that has dominated our lives and caused so much damage.

As the fog begins to lift, and our thinking becomes clearer, we start to have hope that what they say is true. It has to be or we will surly die! We cling to the idea that if this belief has worked for so many others, why can’t it work for me? Step two states that we came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. Once we have established that thought, it is time for action, and it is the action that helps us to strengthen that belief. Step three is an action step. We made a decision; there’s our action. We made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him. We start trusting that this Being cares about is, and that He has all power. One day at a time, we ask for God’s will, not ours. If we pray the third step prayer every day, believing that God loves us and we are willing to trust Him, we are asking that he give us strength and wisdom when we are struggling. Not that He remove all of our struggles and pain, but that we can embrace them, because it’s through struggles that we gain strength…that we no longer think only of ourselves,and that when our jobs are restored, families are reunited, the obsession is removed, or we find our life becoming better than we had ever imagined, we would share the spirituality that we have found with others, asking above all else that we always do God’s will, not ours .God could and would if He were sought. We have only to be willing, and to ask.

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