Smoking Cessation Drug May Help Treat Alcohol Dependence

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Smoking Cessation Drug May Help Treat Alcohol Dependence

The smoking cessation drug varenicline also known as, Chantix has shows promise in treating alcohol dependency. The study found the drug significantly reduces alcohol consumption and craving in people who are alcohol-dependent. The study included 200 alcohol-dependent adults, who received either varenicline or a placebo daily for 13 weeks. Male participants reported drinking an average of at least 35 drinks per week before the study began, while women had an average of 28 drinks weekly.

The researchers found the percentage of heavy drinking days per week declined almost 22 percent in those who took varenicline, compared with those who took a placebo. People treated with varenicline also reported significantly reduced alcohol craving. The treatment’s effectiveness was similar for both smokers and nonsmokers. The drug’s effects were comparable to those seen in two medications already approved by the Food and Drug Administration for alcohol dependence, naltrexone and acamprosate.

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