Singer Robin Thicke Admits to Drug Addiction

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Singer Robin Thicke Admits to Drug Addiction

The “Blurred Lines” singer Robin Thicke came clean recently about his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. The singer went into a downward spiral with his addiction last year while recording his hit album. This caused many problems in his life, both professionally and personally.

Robin Thicke admitted under legal oath that he was drunk or high during most of his promotion of “Blurred Lines.” Thicke even lied about the songwriting process, saying he had helped write it when he did not. He claimed he did this because he was jealous that it was his first of six albums that he did not create solely on his own.

Thicke also blames his addiction for his separation from wife, Paul Patton. He confessed to his wife that he was addicted to drugs and alcohol and had been lying about his accomplishments. He believes this is the reason why she left the marriage. He hopes to clean up his act, get sober and win her back.