Scent of Alcohol Can Change Behaviors

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Scent of Alcohol Can Change Behaviors

The smell of alcohol can cause people to lose their self-control and change their behaviors, according to a new study conducted by researchers from Edge Hill University in the United Kingdom. The study suggests that just the sight of alcohol, along with the smell, will attract people to consume the beverage.

The researchers specifically studied how alcohol-related visual and olfactory cues would impact people’s attention to detail and their self-control behaviors. They led a computer-based study with participants wearing scented face masks. Some of the masks were alcohol scented, while others were citrus scented.

The participants were asked to wear the mask while they conducted a task on the computer. They had to press a button when shown the letter K or an image of beer on the screen. When the participants pressed the button at the wrong time, it was recorded as an incorrect ‘false alarm.’ Those with the alcohol scented masks had more false alarms than those with the citrus masks, therefore leading the researchers to believe that alcohol scents led to less control of behaviors.