Safe Drug Injection Sites in Development

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Safe Drug Injection Sites in Development

As the disease of addiction continues to gain attention, more healthcare groups are doing their part to curb the epidemic. From needle exchange programs to safe surrendering of drugs, there are innovative programs in development aimed to help drug users enter sobriety and stay healthy. If approved, a new pilot program based in New York would provide supervised drug injection rooms to users in hopes of lowering drug overdoses. However, this program is receiving mixed reactions.

Those in support of the program believe that it could make a huge impact on drug abuse. They claim it can provide the users with a sterile and safe environment to use drugs while being supervised by a healthcare professional. The healthcare workers can make sure an overdose will not occur, and if it does they can act in a fast manner. This program will also provide a clean environment, which could help stop the spread of common diseases among users. The professionals can also provide information on how to become sober if the users choose.

Those against the program believe it just enables the addicts to continue to use without consequences. They think it sends the wrong message to impressionable youth in the area that may see abusing drugs as acceptable.

There is one thing that everyone agrees on, which is that treatment is necessary and recovery is possible.