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Recreational Services

Recreational services

What does recreation have to do with recovery? Well, it actually plays a role in your
journey to a sober life. Seabrook understands this and offers its recreation
services to all patients. We offer an adventure ropes course, a fitness center, and
a recreation/leisure skills group. Our main facility in Bridgeton, NJ supplies these
services for those in rehab.

Our adventures ropes course helps patients to practice taking risks and develop
leadership, communication, problem solving, and coaching skills. The fitness center
is equipped with recumbent bikes, elliptical trainers, treadmills, free weights and
the Precor Universal Machine. This exercise helps to reduce stress, depression,
anxiety, and improves the quality of sleep. Seabrook’s recreation/leisure skills
group helps patients work on team building as well as trust and communication
skills. It also teaches patients how to include leisure activities into their daily
recovery plan. Looking for recreation and leisure while staying at a rehab facility?
Find it at Seabrook.