Rapid Rise in Abuse of Bath Salts and Designer Stimulants

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Rapid Rise in Abuse of Bath Salts and Designer Stimulants

Over the last few years, designer stimulants have become widely available for sale on the Internet and elsewhere. To evade legal controls, the stimulants are sold as bath salts, stain removers, or other household products. Although packages are conspicuously labeled “not for human consumption,” they are clearly intended for people to get “high.”

Initially found in Europe, designer stimulants have become a problem in the United States over the last few years. The number of calls to U.S. poison control centers regarding substances like bath salts have increased from zero in 2009, to about 300 calls in 2010, to more than 6,000 in 2011. The chemical components of these products vary widely, and the mechanisms of their effects in humans are still unclear. As of yet, standardized testing to detect their use is not easily accessible.

The effects are generally similar to those of cocaine, amphetamine, and other stimulants but vary with compound, dose, and route of administration. Users may sniff or swallow the drugs, or even inject them. Reported symptoms in patients treated for acute toxicity include agitation, fast heart rate, and combative or violent behavior, potentially accompanied by delusions or hallucinations

Just because a substance is legally purchased does not mean it is safe and it does not mean you cannot abuse it or worse become addicted to it. Drugs and alcohol, whether purchases legally or not can harm you if you do not use them properly. Seabrook understands that once you become addicted to a substance, it is extremely hard to quit on your own. Drug and alcoholism treatment can truly turn your life around, especially if the treatment is internationally recognized and individualized to you as a unique person. Call Seabrook today at 1.(888) 223-0298 to learn more about recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.