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Prescription Monitoring in New Jersey

Prescription Monitoring in New Jersey

New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa held a conference recently in which he announced new efforts to crack down on the rampant abuse of prescription medication in the Garden State. New Jersey began a program to monitor doctors, pharmacies, and all prescriptions, which went live in January and has already yielded good data for law enforcement agencies. “We’re putting people on notice that we’re watching, and we’re going to take action,” said Chiesa.

This monitoring program coincides with a historically record high rate of prescription abuse, and the a drive by the The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey called The Five Step American Medicine Cabinet Challenge, which is intended to halt the proliferation of expired or leftover medication. Some guidelines suggested include:

•Take inventory of your prescription and over-the-counter medicine.

•Secure your medicine chest.

•Dispose of your unused, unwanted, and expired medicine in your home or at an American Medicine •Chest Challenge Disposal site.

•Take your medicine(s) exactly as prescribed.

•Talk to your children about the dangers of prescription drug abuse

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