Police Department Helps Over 100 Addicts

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Police Department Helps Over 100 Addicts

Just over two months ago, a town in Massachusetts began a new approach in the way they help drug addicts. The town of Gloucester opened its arms, and police department, to addicts and offered them help. The deal was, an addicts could bring any amount of drugs or paraphernalia into the police department and not be charged, as long as they agreed to get help.

Since this initiative began, over 100 addicts have been sent to treatment facilities across the United States. Each addict is assigned an ‘angel’ to help them with their journey. The angel provides support and guides them to an appropriate treatment center.

Although this program is still in the early stages, the police department has said that most patients are still doing well in recovery. The department hopes that more cities and states create programs like this one so we can all join together in fighting the disease of addiction.