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PDMP Now Available as an APP

The New Jersey Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) is now available in app form. Registered physicians and pharmacists can now access the program anytime and anywhere via their iPhone. The app will be available for android users later this year.

Creators hope the user-friendly app will encourage physicians and pharmacists to regularly check the program before prescribing medication. The app will do everything the program can do on a desktop computer, including looking up a patient’s medical history. This will allow users to see if a patient is doctor shopping, which is going to multiple doctors for the same prescription.

Right now, healthcare professionals are not required to register with the program. However, over 80 percent of them are. Medical organizations are fighting to make the use of the program a requirement in hopes of cutting down on over prescribing of addictive medications.

This app is the first mobile version of the PDMP in the country.