Should Parents Allow Teens to Drink at Home?

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Should Parents Allow Teens to Drink at Home?

Many parents believe that introducing children to alcohol in their own homes will lower the likelihood of them abusing the substance. However, a new UK based study published in Health and Social Care Information proves that is not true.

The study analyzed data from 120,000 teens from varying backgrounds. It was found that 70 percent of the teens from the least deprived backgrounds tried alcohol in their lives and three of five teens had consumed a whole drink. The most affluent teens were twice as likely to be regular drinkers and more likely to develop and alcohol abuse problem. White teens were most likely to drink.

According to the study, allowing the teens to experiment with alcohol in the home only increases their likelihood of drinking. Parents should be teaching teens to avoid the substance, as it can cause brain and liver damage at such a young age and lead to an increased risk of injury.