Pain Killer Abuse a Leading Cause of Death

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Pain Killer Abuse a Leading Cause of Death

In Ohio, prescription drug abuse is rising at a very high rate and is a leading cause of death in the state, passing the rate of deaths on the highways. Abuse of powerful painkillers such as oxycodone and hydrocodone are the main reasons for the alarming statistics including a death rate of four people a day between 2006 and 2008, according to the Ohio State Medical Association. Whether someone suffering from a drug dependency, it is highly important to seek the professional counseling and assistance found at a qualified addiction treatment facility.

Even though a new law was enacted in 2011 to slow down drug abuse, misuse of potent prescription drugs has only increased. Abuse of prescription drugs has much in common with addiction to illegal substances such as cocaine and heroin. It can destroy families, ruin lives – and as we are seeing in Ohio, cause a high death rate. Drug abuse can create many health issues and cause you to lose everything, including your life.

Call Us to learn more about interventions. (888) 223-0298. A major symptom of alcoholism, chemical dependency and other compulsive disorders like gambling is the minimizing and denial of the problem by the affected person. Facts of the problem, caringly presented by loved ones and significant others, are impossible to deny. A sensitive, guided confrontation (sometimes called a carefrontation) directed at the affected person is called a Family Intervention. Whether done in a family or workplace setting, Family Intervention is a way for the family and friends to confront the one they care for with kindness and respect, but also with direct honesty that will pierce the defenses of the addicted, helping them to see the damage their behavior is doing to themselves and those around them.