Open Minded Drug and Alcohol Addiction Therapy at Seabrook

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Open Minded Drug and Alcohol Addiction Therapy at Seabrook

Complimentary Drug and Alcohol Therapy for Boston Residents

Seabrook is a fully featured and revolutionary rehab center, perfect for Boston, Massachusetts (MA) residents looking for help with their drug and alcohol addiction. With their multifaceted approach to treatment and therapy, Seabrook has the perfect combination to create a fully customized recovery plan for you. Boston, Massachusetts (MA) residents can take heart that Seabrook doesn’t adhere to a strict regimented recovery plan, but carefully constructs the perfect 3 phase rehabilitation plan combining traditional and complimentary techniques. The fully accredited staff at Seabrook knows that no two patients are alike, so everyone is treated like an individual and given the treatment best suited for their recovery.

Seabrook uses a myriad of complimentary drug and alcohol therapies to aid Boston, Massachusetts (MA) patients with their drug and alcohol addiction including Acupunture, EMDR and Brainspotting, Equine Assisted Therapy, Music Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki and Therapeutic Chair Massage. These methods in conjunction with Seabrook’s 3 Phase customized recovery program will give Boston, Massachusetts (MA) patients the edge they need to get over their drug and alcohol addiction. The professionals at Seabrook combine inpatient, extended care, and outpatient treatments with complimentary drug and alcohol therapy to create a perfect combination of treatments and therapy to ensure that you have the greatest chance at recovering from your addiction.

With Seabrook, Boston, Massachusetts (MA) residents can have the comfort of mind knowing that a qualified and credible drug and alcohol rehab center is close and available for all Boston, Massacusetts (MA) residents.