NY plus K2 equals Zombies

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NY plus K2 equals Zombies

Brooklyn, NY streets looked like a scene from an episode of The Walking Dead, people passing out, twitching in the middle of streets, walking around in a zombie state of mind. K2 is the reason why people just kept showing up and then quickly falling and flopping on the ground. It was apparent that one bad batch of K2 hit Brooklyn. In the past two days more than 30 people overdosed on K2 within a two-block area.

What is K2? It is known as synthetic cannabis, and most people have no idea how horrible this drug is affecting millions all over the world. K2 is made from chopped up herbs and dried plant material, but the active ingredients are sprayed onto the plant material. The spray is made up with several of different synthetic cannabinoids and even some traces of the prescription drug, phenazapam, which is used in treatment for psychiatric and neurological disorders. When mixing a wide variety of chemicals, and unsafe manufacturing methods, the health risks will be different from one batch to another. The unknown of what was being mixed is the unknown of what will happen to the person using K2.

Since 2015 more then 6,000 people have been sent to NY emergency rooms because of K2. It took one bad batch of K2 for Brooklyn hospitals to turn into a horror scene with 30 plus Zombie like patients crowding the waiting areas. Synthetic cannabinoids consists of chemicals that were never meant to be inside the human body, and these people who use K2 are lucky to be alive.