NJ Attorney General Joins Fight Against Drug Abuse

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NJ Attorney General Joins Fight Against Drug Abuse

New Jersey State Attorney General John J. Hoffman is joining Governor Chris Christie on New Jersey’s fight against drug abuse. Hoffman believes attacking doctors and pharmacists for prescribing or filling painkillers is not the way to stop addicts. He thinks there are many ways to ensure that drug abuse is halted and addicts get the help they need.

Hoffman wants to focus on a few main actions. First, he wants to make sure that prosecutors look at sending those arrested for possession of drugs to treatment programs rather than jail. Jail doesn’t get someone sober, rehab does and Hoffman recognizes that. He also wants to stiffen penalties for drug dealers who sell mixtures of dangerous drugs like heroin. This may deter people from dealing drugs that often kill other people. Along with this, Hoffman wants to develop standards and training in overdose investigations so the charges against drug dealers can be held up in court.

Although the Attorney General does not want to attack all doctors, there are some physicians out there that are dishonest about what they prescribe to their patients. He would like to go after these doctors and the pharmacists that fill false prescriptions. Stopping the drug before it gets to the addicts is one way to deter drug abuse.

Additionally, Hoffman believes police officers can play a big part in stopping drug abuse. He wants to train police on how to respond to an overdose call and make sure they understand the Good Samaritan Law. Narcan, a drug that reverses the effects of overdoses from opiates, should also be mandated but kept track of. Finally, Hoffman wants to make sure information is shared between police and prosecutors about the state’s Prescription Fraud Investigation Strike Team.

Attorney General John J. Hoffman joining Governor Chris Christie on the fight against drugs will bring much needed attention to the issue in New Jersey.