New York Offers Legislative Solution For Prescription Abuse

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New York Offers Legislative Solution For Prescription Abuse

New York State Senate Republicans have been working to crack down on prescription drug abuse, which now claims more lives than traffic accidents. The Senate continues to discuss way to combat prescription drug abuse, and have passed multiple measures to stop black market for prescription drugs, but more must be done.

Many prescription drug addicts get their drugs the legal way; they are able to go “drug shopping” because the doctors and pharmacies are not aware of what other medical professional are prescribing the same patients. Many states have already enacted legislation to create an online database that doctors and pharmacists can use to track frequently abused drugs. The database offers a real-time view of who has been prescribed what, and when the prescription is filled. The database would cut down on “doctor shopping” and track down any professionals that write unnecessary prescriptions.

Emergency room visits involving abuse of or overdose on pharmaceuticals has skyrocketed in recent years.  Treatment facilities also believe that misused prescription drugs are often used as a gateway drug, because addicts need to turn to a cheaper form of their drug, heroin to afford their prescription drug habit.

If you or someone you know has a problem with drug addiction or dependence, you should seek help now before tragedy strikes. Thankfully, there is good help available. Detoxification and behavioral therapy have proven to be effective in treating drug dependence. Addicts are often unable to complete treatment on their own or with family members, so it’s very important to seek the right treatment center. At Seabrook, we customize our treatment plans to individual patient’s needs, so you know the help you’re getting is right for you or a loved one. Seabrook has rehabilitation centers in New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA), and an outpatient center in New York (NY). Contact Seabrook today for any questions about drugs, addiction, and treatment.

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