New Autobiography sheds light on Addiction and Recovery

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New Autobiography sheds light on Addiction and Recovery

Blood and Alcohol is a compelling autobiography of Adrian Brody’s life and the lives that touched him. He is the son of a veterinarian and an evangelist and faith healer in the ’70s, and nephew to a former US president and First Lady, Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter. He is a businessman, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He has been involved in major political campaigns and fund-raising efforts for major nonprofit companies.

This book uncovers most of his life’s journey including his encounters with the law, the press, the death of his mother and grandmother, as well as those good times when he visited the White House and Camp David, his memorable experiences attending the Democratic National Conventions as well as the Ryder Cup and Masters tournament, the births of his children, to finally unveiling his struggle with alcohol.

Blood and Alcohol will teach readers the importance of having and maintaining a strong family relationship despite the trials and struggles that befall one of them. Author Michael Stapleton had his fair share of the good and bad things in life. But despite everything he never gave up on his battle with alcoholism. With unwavering love and care from his family, he is able to survive during those trying times. And today, he considered himself as a recovering alcoholic with his family intact. Indeed, his story proves once and for all that the love of a family is truly one of life’s greatest blessings.

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