Most Adults Do Not Support Powdered Alcohol

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Most Adults Do Not Support Powdered Alcohol

According to a recent poll, most United States adults do not agree with the sales of powdered alcohol, especially to young adults. More specifically, sixty percent of adults do not want this product sold in their home states. Some don’t have to worry, because sales of this product are already banned in almost half of the states across the U.S.

Additionally, 84 percent of adults support the prohibition of online sales of powdered alcohol. The online sales give easy access to underage youth or those residing in states with bans on the product. Over 85 percent of adults also agree that companies creating this product should not advertise to young adults, similar to how cigarette companies cannot advertise to youth.

There is obviously a large amount of adults who disagree with this product, and lawmakers are hearing their concerns loud and clear. State legislatures all over the country are working hard on banning this potentially dangerous product.