More Chuck E. Cheese Locations to Serve Alcohol.

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More Chuck E. Cheese Locations to Serve Alcohol.

The children’s food chain Chuck E. Cheese is planning to extend their alcohol menus to all locations. Currently about 75 percent of their restaurants have alcohol menus already. The chain hopes this expansion will appeal to younger parents who are looking for places to have fun while their kids have fun.

This change is not pleasing everyone. Local parents in areas of Chuck E. Cheese’s without liquor licenses are against this change. They believe that children fun and adult fun should be kept separate. They also believe that the new changes may increase violent behaviors of customers in some locations. There have been instances in the past where adult fighting has occurred during children’s birthday parties due to intoxication.

One could also argue that advertising alcohol in a place where more children than adults are present can be misleading and negatively influential. The children could see the alcohol and drinking as a normal and fun thing to do it, which could lead to them trying it early in life.