Matching At-Risk Teens with Parolees

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Matching At-Risk Teens with Parolees

In San Diego, California they have adopted a new idea to help at-risk teens; parolees volunteering their stories to show them where addiction can lead you. The talks by parolees in recovery have become a Thursday night ritual at the fellowship hall at the Salvation Army’s Centre City Corps Community Center. The parolees and teenagers come together to serve supper to the homeless and then share stories about where they’ve been in their life. The aim is to help youths learn right from wrong by the mistake of the parolees, who want to make amends with society.

Many if not most of the parolees can identify with the youngsters and they understand not having role models and facing the repercussions of bad decisions. That’s why this Thursday night tradition has really been beneficial for both parties. Servers and guests alike feed on good will, life lessons and compassion for each other. At night’s end, the group forms a circle, bow their heads in prayer and march into the darkness. The hope for the young teens is that they know they can change and grow beyond their worst choices.

Although it is not offered at Seabrook to treat teens we understand the importance of a drug free environment at home. If you are in a situation that is progressing into a whirlwind of struggle and loss of hope, reach out for help. There is help readily available, for more information on how to get your life back visit: