Lohan: They Try to Make Me Go to Rehab, and I Say No, No No.

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Lohan: They Try to Make Me Go to Rehab, and I Say No, No No.

Whilst Lindsay Lohan’s been busy crawling around under tables in Brazil, her lawyer has been busy negotiating her future which now consists of either a stint in lockdown rehab or jail.

The former child star was sentenced to 90 days in a rehabilitation facility two weeks ago and, as part of her plea bargaining, only agreed to go if she would still be allowed to take her Adderall. If not she said she would move forward with a trial.

The attorney has tried to assure his client that he’d find her a drug rehab that would still prescribe her Adderall even though some doctors called her ADHD diagnosis into question. Lindsay’s been hooked on the substance since a prison doctor was convinced by the actress that she needed it. Lohan is also on a at least four other prescription drugs and is regularly photographed drinking alcohol. Some addicts on Adderal crush it and snorts it to give a cocaine-like affect.

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