Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Need Rehab?

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Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Need Rehab?

Troubles star Lindsay Lohan is once again creating after her attorney insists she doesn’t need drug rehab.  Who can forget the multiple stinks in treatment, the various appearance in court for drug and alcohol related issues and her behavior that can be described as out of control.  To most, the need to long in depth rehab seems to be one thing that may be able to help the star, and that is why fans are shocked to hear such comments from her legal team.

On Match 18th, the actress will face a trial for allegedly lying to police during a traffic accident. Lohan’s lawyer, despite countless appearances before judges for failure to obey court orders, feel she needs therapy, not rehab.  Maybe all she needs is a good therapist, but most fans are concerned and believe that she has a problem and needs to go to rehab and stay there in order to work through her problems.

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