Laughter is Key!

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Laughter is Key!

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist

Did you ever realize how important laughter is? I didn’t until I got sober and became conscious of how much I was NOT laughing when I was high or drunk! We all know how to laugh. However, in active addiction there is not much to laugh about. Our days were filled with insanity.  There was not much else to that lifestyle and I felt helpless. I may have laughed while watching a funny movie or hearing a joke but that was quickly followed by trying to figure out how to get my next fix.  Even worse was being so full of fear knowing that I may NOT be able get the next one! Was that not the scariest feeling while in active addiction?

We quickly learn in the 12 step fellowship through members and the literature, “We do not have to live that way anymore.” In my experience, this is completely valid! I still vividly remember and always share with others how while I was in rehab, I had my first real belly laugh. That was one of those unforgettable moments you cherish forever. My roommate and I were giggling about something juvenile but we could not stop laughing to the point my sides hurt. I later laid in bed thinking, wow when was the last time I laughed so hard to fill up my spirit? I know for me it had been many months or even years! That split second I remember the laughter gave me hope I wasn’t alone anymore.

Now laughing is a form of therapy for me. Since that night with my roommate, I have not stopped laughing! For me laughter helps draw attention away from things or thoughts that cause me anger, stress, guilt and numerous other negative emotions. I can see difficult situations as a new challenge not a burden and be gratitude. Even in meetings and the fellowship, humor has helped me create better bonds with relationships with others. Instead of complaining we can change the view to deal with everyday life and see the humorous side. Try to smile and laugh today because laughter is contagious!