Joyful Moments are Priceless

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Joyful Moments are Priceless

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist

“It’s the little things that make life BIG.”  – Unknown

Sometimes we think that if we hit the lottery and get rich, we could buy whatever we want and it would make us happy. If we have the nicest car, house, clothes and accessories, we will be loved and adored. But in my life today, it is the smaller things that bring me enjoyment. I have found along this journey of recovery that as we start to get things back, the material things were not the ones that stood out to me. The small things like someone calling me just to see how I was, watching the stars with someone special, people coming to my sober anniversary to celebrate or having someone I trust to cry to- means more than any amount of money. In recovery I learned money may buy happiness but it can NOT but joy! It would fill my spirit up when someone noticed how far I have come on this journey and complimented me. Those moments I cherish and know it is about the small things in life that add up to big things. There is a difference between happiness and joy. Recovery shows me more than I ever imagined. Now that is priceless.