How to Overcome Addiction

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How to Overcome Addiction

How to Overcome Addiction

The pressures and stresses of life are universally dealt with by people of all cultures, genders, and races. Life can sometimes throw unexpected circumstances your way, and some people tend to deal with stressful situations by succumbing to unhealthy and potentially dangerous bad habits. Some people’s bad habit may only be something like biting fingernails, but even that can lead to dental problems and increased health risk from the dirt and grime under your nails. But the biggest concern about bad habits is when they get so prevalent that they lead to full blown addiction–and for those who become addicted to substances like drugs and alcohol, dangerous waters are ahead. This is why it is extremely important to people to practice healthy habits at a young age or start as soon as possible. There are so many healthy, productive, and rewarding substitutes to bad habits, and we’ll outline a few here:

Exercise—this category is very broad because there are literally hundreds of options that involve exercise. You could join a local recreational sport league like basketball, softball, soccer, or any other popular sport in your area. There are programs all over the place for people of all ages and skill levels— you just have to look for them. You could also take up running or jogging, and when you start to feel stress, just head out the door and run like Forest Gump. It’s amazing how well a good lengthy run can take your mind off of things. Exercising can be an extremely beneficial way to not only practice something other than your bad habit, but it also obviously helps you become healthier. It’s killing two birds with one stone—you’re healthier for simply not partaking in your bad habit in the first place, and even healthier for partaking in healthy activity for your body.

Reading- You could challenge your body with exercise, or challenge your mind with reading. Getting lost in a good book can take your mind off of life for a while. Reading in smaller increments can also lead to increased curiosity in the plot of the book and before you know it, reading can turn into a scheduled habit that can replace something unhealthy like drinking, smoking, or doing drugs.

Write or Blog- Getting your thoughts into written form can be very helpful in clearing your mind, and in today’s society where everyone is connected through the internet, by blogging your thoughts you may find people who are in the same position as you—then you could help each other with overcoming your addiction.

Overcoming chemical addiction to alcohol or drugs can be physically demanding and depending on how deep you’re in, professional help might be necessary. But even after people leave rehabilitation or detoxification, they go back into their world where all they know is how to continue on with their bad habits. At Seabrook, we not only help patients with individual addiction treatment programs and detoxification, but we also teach you healthy alternative habits. We take each patient individually and find what works best with them, and we continue to help until your life has changed. Give Seabrook a call to help find ways to fight your addiction, learn alternative healthy habits, and get on the road to recovery today!