How Pets Can Help Your Recovery

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How Pets Can Help Your Recovery

Humans tend to develop strong relationships with animals. These relationships provide comfort, happiness and love. Animals are used for therapy in many different treatment programs, addiction recovery included. That’s right, having an animal to connect with can actually help you heal.

A dog is a very common pet that people use for therapy and comfort. Research shows that dogs can improve a human’s physical health. Spending time with one can lower blood pressure, decrease symptoms of depression, reduce heart rate, lower anxiety, and increase self-esteem and feelings of trust. These are all things that need to be worked on in early recovery, and what better way to help than with a friendly dog.

Dogs are also social creatures. Similar to horses in equine assisted therapy, dogs can sense what a human is feeling and mimic that emotion. This can help the recovering addict recognize their emotions and deal with them in a proper manner.

It has also been shown that dogs increase a human’s overall positivity. Those in recovery need to stay positive in order to stay sober, and dogs can help with that.