How can I help my Family Member with Addiction?

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How can I help my Family Member with Addiction?

Helping Provide Family Support

When suffering the horrible illness of addiction, it is important to have support behind you. For some people, family is the strongest support system they have. It’s important to include them in this recovery process. At Seabrook, we understand that family needs to be included in some way. We will do our best to give you the support you need. We look to assist the family members in the rehabilitation and recovery process in and out of our facilities. Our drug rehab facilities are always welcoming and accommodating of family support (when advisable), but we also can assist with drug rehabilitation and recovery information and literature. Help plan Drug or Alcohol Interventions with Family and Friend support. Our drug rehab facilities also offer top notch family support as well. The professionals at Seabrook are well versed in not only how to help the patient with his or her drug or alcohol addiction, but how to create a support structure outside of our drug rehab facilities.

At Seabrook, we offer a wide range of services to families who are affected by addiction, whether directly or indirectly. We have extensive experience in working with families. One of the programs Seabrook offers is The Family Matrix Program.

It involves family dynamics and incorporates the feelings of safety and acceptance that is vital to family healing. It can help a family define goals and point out points of power and surrender. We also offer a family visitation policy and can be found in further detail on the site. Seabrook will make sure you are not alone in this journey because no one should have to go through it alone.