Hong Kong Restaurant Drugs Customers

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Hong Kong Restaurant Drugs Customers

A restaurant in Honk Kong is under investigation after customers tested positive for opiates. One customer had eaten at the restaurant one afternoon and then was pulled over by authorities later that day. When he tested positive for drugs, he was arrested and detained for over two weeks.

However, the man claimed he was innocent and that he had been drugged against his will. his family, who ate at the restaurant with him, came to his defense and were drug tested as well. They all tested positively for opiates. The authorities then realized that the restaurant had been adding drugs to its meals to make customers addicted and have them return.

The owner of the restaurant admitted to adding powder poppy plants to its meals. Opium is made from poppy plants and therefore has the same addictive qualities. The owner purchased loads of the plant and has been putting it in meals since August, drugging hundreds of customers.

Authorities are telling customers not to worry though. They say that even eating the opium laced meals frequently will not cause you to become addicted.