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Green Tea Cigarettes

A company has created a product that they claim can help quit smoking- a green tea cigarette. The company, Billy55, recently introduced this product into the American market. However, it has been popular in other countries like Vietnam for decades.

The creator of the product, an acupuncturist, came up with the idea after having multiple patients asking for a natural way to kick the bad habit of smoking. He believed that giving patients a product in similar packaging but without the nicotine may make the transition out of the habit smooth.

But would this product really work? The nicotine is what causes the addiction, and taking that away and replacing it with something that doesn’t have any effect, like green tea, may not be the answer.

According to Untied States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are seven approved ways to quit smoking, five of which include weaning off nicotine slowly. This green tea cigarette is not approved by the FDA and has no evidence behind it that proves it helps quit smoking.

Although it is not approved, some users have been giving positive feedback and claim it has helped them quit smoking. If you are looking to quit smoking, ask your doctor for ways to safely leave the drug behind.