Glee Star Checks into Rehab

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Glee Star Checks into Rehab

Singer and actor Cory Monteith has checked into rehab for substance abuse treatment. The 30-year-old Glee star has voluntarily admitted himself to treatment.  The Fox tv star has been open about his struggle with addiction in the page to the media.  He shared stories about skipping school to get drunk and smoke pot before dropping out at the age of 16.

He developed a serious drug problem as a teen and admitted to doing “anything and everything, as much as possible.”  The actor revealed that it was after his mother and a group of his friends staged an intervention when he was 19 that he finally sought help.

After the first stint he rehab, the Canadian-born actor when right back to his addiction.  He admitted that he stole a “significant amount” of money from a family member knowing full well that he would get caught, which he called a “cry for help.”

After being confronted and admitting to the theft, he said he was given an ultimatum to either get clean and sober or be turned over to the police. It was then they he got help.  After a relapse the Glee star is back in rehab and his friends and fans hope that he will get clean and remain sober.

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