Gender Sensitive Treatment

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Gender Sensitive Treatment

A study published in December issue of the Journal of Drug Issues finds that substance abusing women who go through gender sensitive treatment have higher rates of employment after treatment than those who go through general treatment. Furthermore, women who completely finish gender sensitive treatment are at an even higher employment rate than those who do not finish any treatment at all. The study looked at data taken from 5,109 women patients at 13 mixed-gender inpatient program in Washington.

Gender sensitive treatment is when treatment is geared specifically towards a certain gender, in this case women. The women are educated on relationship topics, women’s health, parenting, communication skills, etc. They go through treatment with other women with whom they can connect and build relationships with.

Researchers found that 12 months after treatment, women who went through gender sensitive treatment had a higher rate of employment. This is due to the type of treatment they went through, but also other factors, like help from connections they made through treatment and help from family and friends.

This was a great topic to study because women who have a hard time finding work are more likely to relapse and need treatment again.