Frozen-Themed Kids Drink Discontinued

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Frozen-Themed Kids Drink Discontinued

The UK based store Home Bargains has discontinued the production of the Frozen-themed children’s drink that is sold in a champagne bottle. The product is described as a sparking fruit juice fit for birthday parties, family events and building snowmen with the character Olaf.

Although the product is non-alcoholic, its packaging and design is made to look like alcoholic champagne. This is concerning because the product is obviously aimed toward children. This drink caught the attention of UK alcohol awareness campaigners who believed the product would encourage young children to drink underage or glamorize consumption.

Disney is agreeing with the campaigners, stating they will not allow their licensed images to be used on products that look like alcohol. But Home Bargains is sticking by their product, stating that it is clearly labeled as non-alcoholic. The product will continue to remain in stores until April 2016.