Former New England Patriot Talks to Children About Drugs

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Former New England Patriot Talks to Children About Drugs

Chris Sullivan, former New England Patriot, spoke to 600 students about drugs and how “one little white pill” ended up costing him $6 million, his career, legal troubles and almost his life. Sullivan’s addiction to Percocet — an opioid painkiller, forever has changed his life, and he hopes his story would help kids to “just say no.”

Sullivan, like many addicts, didn’t think that they could be one. He had had a mental image of a drug addict as this dirty homeless person on the street. After the Patriots’ Super Bowl win in 2001, Sullivan said he followed what to many is a familiar track — from alcoholism to prescription drug abuse to heroin. The upshot was Sullivan’s dropping from 280 to 160 pounds, four totaled cars and five OUIs, 15 trips in and out of rehabilitation facilities and hospitals. He lost relationships, and all the money he made playing football.

Sullivan said social anxiety and depression had much to do with his slipping into addiction. He stated that he never learned how to express things to people. During his talked he told to children to set goals, and talk about things before turning to drugs as the answer.

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