First Time Heroin Users are Shockingly Young

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First Time Heroin Users are Shockingly Young

It would be impossible to describe a heroin addict. Like every addiction, they come in all races, all religions and all levels of income. One alarming trend that is being noticed, however, is that more and more young people are using this heavily addicting drug. From a study conducted through the federal drug data along with law enforcement, it is suggesting that people are using this drug at a younger age, and the age seems to become younger every year. More than 53 percent of all heroin-associated deaths statewide are between 15 and 35 years of age, while this age group only represents 27 percent of the population. The 25 to 34 year age group is the most affected: 34 percent of all cases, while it represents about 13 percent of the population.

“It seems like a lot of younger people are getting hooked on it. Kids that I never would have suspected. They don’t look sickly. They’re good looking kids, but they’re hooked on it and they’ve been hooked on it for a while … which is sad,” Park Hills Det. Todd Inserra said.

Substance abuse treatment can help. According to DHSS, users who overdose are rarely in a drug treatment program at the time of their deaths. Enrollment in treatment can substantially reduce the risk of both fatal and non fatal overdose. Seabrook offers several treatment programs. To learn more, call us at (888) 223-0298, and find out how your recovery journey can begin today.