Family Intervention

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Family Intervention

Family Intervention Facts

A major symptom of alcoholism, chemical dependency and other compulsive disorders like gambling is the minimizing and denial of the problem by the affected person. Facts of the problem, caringly presented by loved ones and significant others, are impossible to deny. A sensitive, guided confrontation (sometimes called a carefrontation) directed at the affected person is called a Family Intervention.

Whether done in a family or workplace setting, Family Intervention is a way for the family and friends to confront the one they care for with kindness and respect, but also with direct honesty that will pierce the defenses of the addicted, helping them to see the damage their behavior is doing to themselves and those around them. Because family intervention is done by a group of family and friends, it makes an impact far more powerful than an individual could ever create on his or her own.

Family Intervention Goals

Carefully designed and coached, step-by-step, Family Intervention creates positive change, sweeps away the secrecy, the minimizing and the denial inherent in addiction, and begins the move toward recovery. Family, friends, employers, professional colleagues, coworkers, in short, anyone who cares enough, can initiate the Family Intervention process.

Family Intervention Contacts

Highly qualified and certified Family Intervention specialists can help you deal with the person, the problem and the elements unique to your personal or professional situation. There are various models of Family Intervention that each require a certain amount of preparation time but in most cases, Family Intervention results in immediate entry into detox, alcohol rehab, drug rehab or other appropriate treatment setting.

Please contact our intervention Call Center Helpline at ext. 1515 for more information about Family Intervention.