Family Dinners Reduce Risk of Substance Abuse

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Family Dinners Reduce Risk of Substance Abuse

In today’s world, everyone is constantly moving. Adults are rushing to and from work, children are rushing to and from school. And once 5 o’clock hits, there is another set of activities to go to and chores to get done. It is easy to let family time fall behind, especially family dinners. But today, in honor of Family Day, family time should be put first.

Family members are key influencers on one another. They value each other’s opinions and morals and take what they say seriously. Having open conversations within the family on topics like substance abuse is important for children to learn the dangers of drugs and addiction. Parents should take this day to spend time with their children and talk to them about their knowledge of drugs and other substances. By doing so, children can be given the opportunity to ask questions they may not have asked otherwise.

This can all easily be done through having dinner together. Studies show that family dinners positively impact the entire well-being of the child. They are more likely to excel in academics and have lower risks of substance abuse. These family dinners give the children an open forum to discuss whatever is on their mind with their loved ones, which helps them feel more connected and more willing to share.