Why is Everyone Hanging Out With Molly?

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Why is Everyone Hanging Out With Molly?

You may have overheard your friends talking frequently about taking along Molly to social outings. They take her to a party, a club, or a concert because they think she adds to the fun. But who is this Molly and why is everyone hanging out with her?

Molly is actually not a person, but a drug that has been steadily gaining popularity in the last few years. Molly is a form of Ecstasy that is a mix of a psychedelic and stimulant drug. The drug is taken in pill form or snorted. The drug is unregulated so it is never known exactly what is in one dose. Although most believe it is pure ecstasy, this is rarely the case. This is very dangerous and potentially life threatening.

People describe being on this drug as feeling more open and fearless. It’s typically used at parties because it stimulates all the senses, making everything more vivid. However, many adverse side effects have been reported from usage of the drug. These side effects include hypothermia and hyperthermia, as well as dehydration. It also damages the brain each time it is used. There have been numerous cases of deaths from this drug.

Although Molly may be popular and seem like a good time, it’s best to stay away from her.