E-Cigarette Vapor and Stress on Lungs

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E-Cigarette Vapor and Stress on Lungs

According to a new study conducted by the University of Rochester and published in the journal PLOS ONE, e-cigarette emissions are very harmful to lung cells, frequently causing inflammation and stress.

When the liquid nicotine is added into the e-cigarette, it is heated and turned into a vapor. When the liquid hits the heating tray, it turns into aerosol and releases harmful particles that put stress on the lungs. These particles contain metal and other carcinogens that get into the lung tissues. Some flavors of vapor, specifically cinnamon, are more harmful than others for unknown reasons.

It is even more dangerous and harmful when e-cigarette users use the ‘dripping’ method with their liquid nicotine. This is when they drip the liquid directly onto the heating tray, which gives a more potent and powerful hit of the nicotine.

Researchers discovered these effects of the vapor on the lungs after testing mice. The researchers also point out that creators of the liquid don’t release all information or ingredients of the liquid, therefore leaving out potentially lifesaving information.

This study further solidifies the fact that e-cigarettes are still dangerous and should not be used as a replacement for regular cigarettes.