Drugs Easy to Obtain in College

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Drugs Easy to Obtain in College

The 2015 College Prescription Drug Study (CPDS), which was conducted earlier this year by Ohio State’s Center for the Study of Student Life, found that many college students are using and abusing medication.

The CPDS study surveyed 3,918 students from eight colleges and/or universities in five different states. Graduate and undergraduate students were both surveyed, showing similar results. However, the undergraduate students did show slightly more drug use than graduate students.

Over 18 percent of undergraduate students admitted to using prescription stimulants like Adderall. About 10 percent said they misused pain medication, and 9 percent used sedatives. Over 80 percent of the students obtained the drugs from friends.

The students that admitted to the drug use claimed to use to relieve pain, get sleep or stay awake to allow for more studying time. Although they think the drugs can help them improve their grades, studies show that students who use drugs have lower GPAs.

Because the drugs are so easy to obtain in college, it is the perfect time for education on drug abuse and substance use disorders. Studies show incorporating this topic into college students studies has a positive impact.