Don’t Drive Drunk on New Year’s

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Don’t Drive Drunk on New Year’s

Don’t Drive Drunk on New Year’s

As the year winds down and people begin preparing to ring in the new one with toasts and parties, it’s important to remember to have a designated driver. Nothing ruins a new year faster than a drunk driving accident. So, to make sure that everyone survives to see 2013, please follow these simple rules:

•Appoint a designated driver who will remain sober. Or, get a cab so nobody from the party has to drive.

•Avoid drinking too much. It can be easy to forget your limits when you’re celebrating, but remember that the human body can only metabolize one drink per hour.

•Drink plenty of water while at your party.

Also, remember to keep in mind the warning signs of alcohol dependence. The signs include ignoring responsibilities at work, home or school because of alcohol; consumption in times when it’s physically dangerous; problems with the law because of drinking; continuing consumption even in the face of obvious problems; and the dependence on alcohol to reduce stress or relax. Though identifying with one or more of these warning signs doesn’t necessarily mean that you or a loved one is dependent on alcohol, they are serious indicators.

If you have a problem with alcohol abuse or know someone who does, you can seek help now for yourself or your loved one. Thankfully, there is good help available. Detoxification and behavioral therapy have proven to be effective in treating alcohol dependence. Addicts are often unable to complete treatment on their own or with family members, so it’s very important to seek the right treatment center. At Seabrook, we customize our treatment plans to individual patient’s needs, so you know the help you’re getting is right for you or a loved one. Whether you need an in-patient facility, or outpatient care, Seabrook is there for you with rehabilitation centers in New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA), and an outpatient center in New York (NY). Contact Seabrook today for any questions about alcohol, addiction, and treatment.