Dealer Gets Jail Time for Customer’s Death

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Dealer Gets Jail Time for Customer’s Death

Dealer gets 20 years in connection with an overdose of a 17 year old female. The buyer also faces sentencing soon, for being the one that purchased and then injected the lethal dose into the minor.

A judge called the heroin dealer, every parent’s worst nightmare. He said that dealer was putting the poison of heroin into the hands of juveniles, and acted like there was nothing wrong with that behavior. The dealer was convicted on a series of charges including reckless homicide, corrupting another with drugs, tampering with evidence and trafficking in heroin.

The co-defendant and buyer is due to be sentenced on a charge of involuntary manslaughter June 3. The buyer said in his testimony that he bought $50 worth of heroin and then injected the drug with his Facebook friend who was celebrating her 17th birthday. She then passed out and became unresponsive for most of the night. Although she was breathing for hours, she was found dead the next morning when police were finally called. The judge started to the buyer that he was nothing more than a “drug dealer and a dropout, unemployed, loser drug addict with no morals,” and was shocked that he did not even make an anonymous phone call for help, or a drop off at the hospital parking lot.

Ohio does not have legislation that would protect a caller from dialing 911 and reporting the overdose. So far New Jersey, Connecticut, New Mexico, New York, Washington State, Illinois, Colorado, California, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Florida and the District of Columbia have enacted laws aimed at encouraging overdose witnesses to call for help.

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